Tommy and Taylor Bubbles

Parent & Tot

Your two-year-old’s first glimpse of school should be a magical one! Having a trusted, familiar adult close by provides our youngest learners with the support to bravely explore new concepts and materials, engage in group activities, and experience a classroom routine.

3-Year-Old Preschool

Imaginative, curious, and full of energy! The 3’s classroom harnesses all that is wonderful about being a three year-old and channels it into building a love of learning. From becoming comfortable with separation to fostering independence, learning during this year centers on sparking curiosity and imagination.

Gia Art
Savanna Letters

4-Year-Old Preschool

The final step before Kindergarten, this classroom focuses on building self-confidence and the desire to want to learn! Our 4’s classroom offers a wide variety of play experiences to fuel each child’s imagination and creativity. These experiences become the foundation for future success by encouraging children to develop their own thoughts and ideas, ask questions, practice decision-making skills, and so much more.


Focusing on developmental stage over chronological age, First Steps Preschool strives to provide a rich learning environment that supports growth in the following areas:

Social-Emotional Development: Skills related to recognizing and accepting differences, making decisions, solving problems, sharing, and respecting the rights of others, as well as regulating strong emotions, showing empathy, and fostering independence.

Physical Development: Building and gaining coordination with both large and small muscle groups, receiving sensory input, and forming an awareness of healthy living habits (exercise, sleep, nutrition).

Cognitive Development (Thinking): Concepts are introduced and practiced through rich language and literacy activities, engaging math exploration, fun science experiments, open-ended art options, and imaginative play.

Religious Development: Children are encouraged to practice a respectful understanding of others, based on the model of Christian love. Preschoolers meet as a group with the Pastors of the church to learn about God and prayer, God’s plan for life, and to celebrate Christian holidays.