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Healthy Snacks for Students
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Dear Parents,

Please consider providing snacks that are not too sugary, have as few ingredients as possible, and that foster healthy eating habits for our little ones! Here is a list of some healthy options. Please keep in mind that allergy students may not be able to eat what is provided, therefore, teachers ask them to provide their own “daily” snack. Some great examples include:

-  Water instead of fruit juices
-  Whole wheat mini bagels and cream cheese
- Tortilla chips and mild salsa (the chips often have very few ingredients and not a sugary snack)
- Carrots and hummus
- Whole grain crackers - Wasa and Triscuits crackers are a great choice as they have limited ingredients and are whole wheat!
- Whole wheat pretzels
- Cheese sticks
- Homemade trail mix - raisins, seeds, dried fruit, low sugar cereal, etc
- Fresh fruit or veggies of any kind - carrot sticks, apple slices, grapes, berries, bananas, etc. 
- Fruit and cheese kabobs
- Apple sauce squeezable packets or applesauce cups - with no sugar added!
- Individual fruit cups like mandarin oranges, pears, etc. - packed in fruit juice not syrup!
- Air popped popcorn (not microwaved package popcorn!)
- Homemade muffins
- Bread and butter - our local Great Harvest makes several delicious whole grain breads that kids love! 

Some great suggestions for snack ideas can also be found here!

Individually packaged items from Costco or Meijer that might provide added convenience for parents:
- Apple Slices
- Carrots
- Pirate Booty
- Fruit Leather (sugary, but very few ingredients)
- Trail Mix (without nuts or M&Ms)
- Annie’s cheddar bunnies or Annie graham cracker bunnies